Máy gia công trung tâm cnc 5Axis

Máy gia công trung tâm cnc 5Axis

Máy gia công trung tâm cnc 5Axis

Hotline: 0903 455 839
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Máy gia công trung tâm cnc 5Axis

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HOTLINE : 0903 455 839
Dimensions of Working Table  
1520 x 3040 mm
X-, Y-, Z- Axis Travel  
1520/ 3040/ 1200 mm
X-, Y-, Z- Axis Max. Positioning Speed  
B-axis : ±110⁰
C-axis : ±225⁰
Machining Unit ISO30 / HSK F63
Motor : 15hp
routing spindle
Max. Rotation speed : 24000 rpm
Liquid cooling
Rotary tray type 15-pos. Tool magazine
Capacity of Vacuum Pump  
250 m ³ /hr
Machine Dimensions
Floor area : 6.9 x 3.8 m
Height : 5.2 m
Weight : 12000 kgs

WOODWISE numerical controller

  • Architecture on industrial PC basis.
  • Windows based pull-down menu.
  • Form-filled type programming aid and display the relative illustration.
  • Error diagnostics with explanatory massages.
  • Teach-in aid program generation.
  • Context sensitive help.
  • DNC function provides long program direct execution of over 64K-byte sent from host computer through RS-232 in 38400 BPS transmission rate and offers a 16 MB buffer for the transmission.
  • Software packet is complete with diskette for editting programs on a remote PC.

Built-in FTP network connecting server

The WOODWISE controller is provided with connecting interface of Ethernet network, and it can directly link with network of PC.

The controller, as such, is FTP server, and the online computer can upload, download, and manage the CNC processing program file by the software of client-side.

The user can process A program as uploading B file.

It can also link up several CNC system via several CAM workstations and absolutely get rid of the disadvantages of inconvenience, instability,

and slow transmission on typical interface of the RS232 serial interface.

CAD/CAM Software as standard

Generating the CNC program while you are drawing the workpiece

An example of boring unit setup

The display of tooling files

Macro programming with parameter and formulas


Graphic input of DXF files for easy generation of program

Control and software Woodwise W6

An efficient control is essential to master the extremely high performance of WOODWISE CNC working centers.

Therefore the machines come with the powerful numerical control W6 as optional.

With the latest control technologies of servo motors, digital-controlled drives, fast processing time and high transmission rates, W6 meets the demands for precision and reliability.

The user interface of Windows and the program generation software WisCAM offer users not only more convenience but also the most possibilities of communication.

Quality from the beginning

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